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Competitive & Market Intelligence Insights

We scan the web´s reviews and pricing points to help businesses make informed decisions.


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Car Rental

Track Car Rental demand through reviews left by clients over time and analyse client satisfaction a company or agency level.

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Understand restaurants demand over time and identify best performer in your market.

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Compare retail rates across product categories over time and save countless hours on your competitive intelligence research with our unified database of retail product & prices.


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LimonData provides us with valuable insights into the Spanish real estate agency market thanks to thousands of agency profiles scanned monthly.

Eric Widget's photoRamón Salguero, CEO @

Thanks to LimonData we are able to provide market share insights into the car rental industry to our clients.

Parsley Montana's photoClara Rivas, Director of Tourism Organization @ Transparent

LimonData´s database helps us size the growth of the Vegan restaurants industry around the world.

Jonquil Von Haggerston's photoEugenio Ciccale, Founder @ 5 Vegan Facts

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